What is a wheel chock?

A wheel chock is a safety device used to prevent vehicles such as cars, caravans and trailers from unintentionally rolling away.

Wheel chocks ensure that the trailer is secured whether it is attached to the towing vehicle or parked alone. The blocks made of metal or plastic are shaped like a small ramp. You slide them under the tires and block the tires that way. This keeps the trailer from rolling away on steep or uneven terrain.

Note: The wheel chock does not legally replace the parking brake of the trailer or vehicle (!)

How does a wheel chock work?

The operation of a wheel chock is fairly simple. It is a small, wedge-shaped piece of rubber, plastic or metal that is placed under one of the vehicle's wheels. The chock prevents the wheel from moving and thus the entire vehicle from rolling away.

When a vehicle is stationary, such as when parking on a slope, the weight of the vehicle can press on the parking brake and put pressure on it. The brake may not be strong enough to hold the vehicle in place, especially if the slope is very steep or if the vehicle is heavily loaded. In these situations, a wheel chock can provide the extra support needed to hold the vehicle in place and prevent the vehicle, caravan or remorque from rolling away.

Is the use of a wheel chock mandatory?

In some countries, it is even mandatory to use a wheel chock when parking a vehicle on a slope. The use of a wheel chock is an important safety measure that can ensure the vehicle stays in place and prevent property damage and injury to people.

When are wheel chocks for trailers required by law?

According to § 41 paragraph 14 of the German Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung (STVZO), trailers with two axles, which are not trailers with saddle, rigid drawbar or central axle, and have a permissible total weight (MTM) of more than 750 kg, must have a wheel chock. Trailers with saddle, trailers with three and more axles and trailers with rigid drawbar and central axle, whose permissible total weight exceeds 750 kg, require two wheel chocks.

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