Legal requirement

Load securing is mandatory on every vehicle and their trailers. If your trailer is equipped with lashing points, the manufacturer must specify the maximum towing load (expressed in daN). You must not exceed this. Use a net or tarp to prevent a load from blowing away or lifting.

Cargo lashing

The net or tarp is not provided for lashing a load. You can only use lashing equipment, such as straps or chains, that come with instructions for use and a label showing the maximum tension or pulling forces (stated in DaN).

Always use proper lashing straps that comply with EN 12195-2 for lashing.

Proper loading of the trailer

Make sure the walls of your trailer are not overloaded. A protruding load cannot be secured correctly in many cases and can cause the trailer to start swaying when the drawbar load is under or overloaded. Overloading can cause your trailer to tip over.

Cargo floor lashing eyes

Some trailers are equipped (by default) with tie hooks or tie eyes in the load floor. If no tie hooks are provided, you can still provide your own surface-mounted tie eyes that attach to the trailer load floor.

Source:, 22/05/2023