What does drag mean?

Any group of vehicles coupled together to be propelled by one and the same force. When a tow consists of a tow vehicle and a trailer, it is an articulated vehicle.

What does own mass mean?

The own mass of the roadworthy vehicle is the mass with body, equipment, accessories and fuel, water and lubricating oil. The persons or goods transported are not included in the trailer's own mass.

The certificate of conformity of a trailer will state "Masses" 13. "Mass in running order" expressed in kilograms [kg].

What do MTM, MTMS and MTSM mean?

MTM stands for the maximum authorized mass of the trailer.

MTMS stands for the maximum allowable mass of the tow.

MTSM stands for the maximum allowable towable mass: this is the maximum mass of a trailer that can technically be towed by a motor vehicle. There may be a difference in the towable mass when the trailer is equipped with brakes (braked or unbraked).

What does loaded mass mean?

The aggregate of the vehicle's own mass and the mass of its load, the driver and any other person transported.

What is the payload capacity of your trailer?

Braked trailer (MTM > 750 KG)

The payload is the maximum authorized mass (MTM) minus the driveable mass of the towing vehicle.

Ongeremde aanhangwagen (MTM < 751 KG)

The payload is the maximum authorized mass (MTM) of the trailer, minus the trailer's mass in running order.

For example, the unbraked trailer has a MTM of 750 KG and the trailer's own weight is 200 KG. Here you can then apply a payload of 550 KG.

Attention: The payload of your trailer is limited by the specified unbraked tow of the towing vehicle. The unbraked tow of the towing vehicle is listed on your vehicle's certificate of conformance, and on the inspection certificate.

Where can you find the data?

  • on the certificate of conformity or technical data sheet of your vehicle and/or trailer
  • On your technical inspection documents
  • on the identification plate of your vehicle and trailer.