The Acebikes Brakefix brake clamp is suitable for locking the front brake of any type of motorcycle. The Brakefix is very useful when you want to load your motorcycle on a motorcycle trailer, trailer or in a van.

Did you know... you can also use it when you want to park your motorcycle on a steep slope. Once the BrakeFix is installed, your motorcycle is safely and securely fixed.

Functioning of the Acebikes Brakefix

Attach the BrakeFix around the handle and brake lever. Squeeze the brake lever and lock the click-to-lock locking system, done!

To release the BrakeFix again, click the black lever upward.

Youtube: Acebikes Brakefix demo and operation


The Brakefix is made of plastic. The Brakefix clamp has a size of 10 x 8 x 3 centimeters with a weight of 54 grams.