You can turn to OTOO trailers for a flat tarpaulin (also called bache or tarpaulin ) for any type of trailer, both braked and unbraked and all possible versions.

We use only high-quality and very sturdy tarpaulin, as used for trucks and trailers, namely Mehler Polymar 680g/m².

UPDATE: Now download our handy assembly guide for attaching the tarp on the trailer.

Large stock of tarps for in various colors for Weytens and VDM trailers.

Do you require a different size bache? No problem, we can ship these tarps by mail and typically you will have them delivered to your home in as little as 1-2 weeks, ready to mount on your own remork!

Follow these steps to size a tarpaulin or bache completely to fit your trailer.

We prefer to do dimensional measurements ourselves, however, we can also produce the bache remotely with your measurements or drawing. We also provide shipping of the tarpaulin to all locations in Europe by mail or courier service.

What is a flat sail?

A flat tarp, also known as a bache, is a rectangular piece of cloth used to protect goods from the weather during transportation. It is often used on trailers to cover and secure cargo during transport.

Construction of a flat sail

A flat tarp is usually made of durable and waterproof material, such as PVC or tarpaulin. The material is cut to size and sewn, providing a tight fit on the trailer. The tarp is attached to the trailer using fasteners, such as elastic cords, buckles or hooks.

A flat tarp usually consists of a flat top and four sides that fall around the trailer and are attached to the sides. This prevents water, dust or other debris from entering the cargo.

Sail on frame

Some tarps also feature a built-in frame of metal tubes or rods to maintain shape and rigidity and further protect the load, typically in the case of a tarpaulin (hooded structure of 150 to 200 cm).

Brass grommets are stamped into the tarpaulin to attach e.g. an elastic or elastic cord.

Other functions of a bache?

In addition to protecting the cargo from weather, a flat tarp also provides additional safety during transport. It holds the cargo in place and prevents it from falling off the trailer. This reduces the risk of accidents and prevents damage to the goods and other vehicles on the road.

A tarpaulin is available in different sizes and can be adapted to the specific needs of the cargo and trailer. You can use the tarpaulin on the trailer user to safely transport various types of goods, such as building materials, yard waste, furniture and many other items.

In short, a bache is an indispensable component for transporting goods safely and efficiently on a trailer. It provides weather protection and prevents the load from falling off the trailer, improving safety on the road.

Mehler Polymar

Our flat tarps of the German brand Mehler type Polymar are available in almost all colors.
We offer all colors of tarpaulins at the same price.

The tarps are welded(ultrasonic welding and/or hot gas welding) and stitched, feature double reinforced corners and can be designed to fit any type of trailer, whether flat, cover or hood.

This high-quality tarpaulin, also used for trailers and trucks, has the following properties:

Tips for a flat sheet on a double axle trailer

For double axle trailers, we recommend providing a support wheel on the trailer. This will prevent the formation of a pocket in the center of the flat sheet during heavy rain or snow when the trailer is parked horizontally.