What is a hood?

A metal trailer cover structure is an essential accessory used to protect the cargo on a trailer from various weather conditions and external elements. These tarps are made of durable and waterproof material, such as tarpaulin or PVC, to protect the cargo from rain, snow and dust.

The hood is usually attached to a metal frame that is securely attached to the trailer. The frame provides the necessary stability and allows for easy opening and closing of the hood when needed.

A trailer hood can be adapted to different sizes and shapes of trailers. Not only does it provide protection to the load, but it can also help keep the load in place during transport.

A hood allows goods to be transported safely and securely, whether they are building materials, furniture, garden equipment or other items. It is a practical accessory that significantly improves the functionality of a trailer and ensures that the cargo remains in good condition during transport.

Buying a hood for your trailer

You can have a (removable) hood rack installed immediately upon purchase, but also afterwards. Since the profiles and dimensions of the trailer chassis often remain the same over the years, you can also have a new hood mounted on old trailers.

Assembly of the hood counter assembly by us typically takes about 30-45 minutes the first time. Afterwards, you can easily remove and reinstall the hood assembly within a short time with 2 people if necessary.

The prices of a tarpaulin rack for the different trailer models and sizes can be found on our price list: Trailer prices

What is a cover? Is that a hood?

Did you know that you can also install a type of cover on top of your trailer's haulm netting? You can come to us for a custom-made cover for your trailer's haulm racks. This does not require an additional frame.

This also allows you to transport other equipment dry with the existing latticework on the trailer, without having to change between the cover racks and the hooded structure.

You can buy a cover for your trailer at OTOO trailer, customized for all makes, models and sizes of trailers!

Benefits of a hood on your trailer

Load protection

The main function of a hood is to protect the cargo from weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and sunlight. The waterproof material prevents the cargo from getting wet and helps prevent damage from moisture.

Thus, you also help protect the load floor from sun and rain, whereby the load floor of your trailer will therefore last much longer.

Load security

A hood can also help secure cargo by keeping it out of sight. This can prevent theft because potential thieves do not have a direct view of the contents of the trailer.

Dust and dirt prevention

In addition to protecting against weather conditions, a hood also prevents dust, dirt and other contaminants from collecting on the load during transport.


A hood can improve airflow over the trailer, optimizing aerodynamics. This can reduce fuel consumption and improve trailer stability while driving.

In short, a hood on a trailer provides protection, security and improved aerodynamics, allowing cargo to be transported safely and in good condition.