There are several types of trailer anti-theft systems, of which the drawbar lock and the wheel clamp are two of the most commonly used. Below we describe their advantages and disadvantages and how quickly they can be disarmed by thieves.

Drawbar lock

A drawbar lock is used to secure the trailer by blocking the coupling between the vehicle's tow bar and the trailer. This makes it impossible for thieves to hitch up the trailer and drive away.

Benefits of a drawbar lock

Drawbar locks are relatively easy to use and provide good security against theft. They are also fairly affordable and available in a variety of sizes and models.

Disadvantages of a drawbar lock

Drawbar locks can be bypassed by experienced thieves by, for example, removing the hitch or using heavy tools to force the lock. In addition, some models may not fit all types of trailers.

Wheel Clamp

A wheel clamp is a metal bracket placed around the trailer's wheel to prevent it from turning. This makes it difficult for thieves to move the trailer or tow it away.

Benefits of a wheel clamp

Wheel clamps are very effective and difficult to remove without the proper tools. They also come in different sizes and models to fit different types of trailers.

Disadvantages of the wheel clamp

Wheel clamps are generally more expensive than drawbar locks and can be more difficult to use and secure in place. In addition, they can only be attached to one wheel, giving thieves the option of using the other wheel to tow the trailer away.

Use tow bar lock and wheel clamp on trailer?

Drawbar lock combined with wheel clamp: Using both a drawbar lock and a wheel clamp further reduces the risk of theft.

Benefits of a towbar lock and wheel clamp combination

The combination of an over deck lock or drawbar lock and a wheel clamp provides the highest level of security against theft. This can be especially useful when the trailer is left unattended for long periods of time.

Disadvantage of a drawbar lock and wheel clamp

This option can be the most expensive and may not always be necessary, depending on the circumstances.

However, better prevention than cure!

Chance of theft?

How quickly these systems can be disabled depends on the materials used, the quality of the lock and the experience and knowledge of the thief. In general, the combination of different security methods reduces the likelihood of theft.

Statistics on the effectiveness of trailer anti-theft systems are limited, but in general, drawbar locks and wheel clamps are considered very effective in preventing theft.

Safety Ball

The AL-KO Safety Ball is an addition to common theft protection devices for trailer hitches, specifically designed when the trailer is parked loose.

The safety ball from Alko is inserted into the trailer hitch, just as if you were hitching to a car. After all, the diameter of the AL-KO safety ball is the same as that of a car's hitch.

When you place the AL-KO safety ball in the coupling of the trailer, and lock this coupling with a drawbar lock or cover lock, the trailer can no longer be coupled to another vehicle! This prevents your trailer or caravan from getting off on another vehicle.