That LED lighting is winning more and more proponents indoors, we don't need to tell you. But you're also seeing more and more LED lights on the road. You could therefore say that LED lighting is the future for the trailer.

And this trend does not come out of nowhere, of course. In fact, you can attach a lot of benefits to this method of lighting.

LED advantage 1: more energy efficient

With LED lighting, you use a lot less energy. This means that your battery is also figuratively under less strain. In fact, there is less power consumed by LED lighting compared to the classic filament light bulbs.

This will save you up to 90% on your energy consumption, compared to traditional lighting.

LED advantage 2: better visibility

In addition to low energy consumption, LED lights for your trailer also emit a lot more light. This improved brightness ensures that your trailer is highly visible at all times.

Both in heavy rain or extreme fog, road users always see you coming from afar.

Your trailer stands out much more because of the strong and bright light from the LED lights.

LED advantage 3: shockproof

Often suffer from broken lights on your trailer? This could be caused by shocks or vibrations you experience on a poorly maintained road surface.

With LED lights on your trailer, you immediately eliminate that problem. This is because vibrations do not affect the lights. They are shockproof, which means that even the hardest bumps and potholes won't harm your trailer lights.

LED advantage 4: weatherproof

Rainfall is part of life in Belgium. That's why it's best to make sure your trailer's lighting is prepared for it and can withstand it.

In LED lighting, you'll find the ideal solution.

This is because it (almost) never needs replacement. This means that weather conditions do not affect its operation. When the wiring is also waterproof, you can rest assured that your lighting will never suffer from water damage.

LED advantage 5: less susceptible to oxidation

An LED bulb is less affected by oxidation of the trailer plug. An LED bulb provides light at an already low power supply. With an ordinary bulb, much of the brightness will be lost when the plug oxidizes due to increasing resistance in the lighting circuit.

LED disadvantage 1: the advantage of less power consumption is also a disadvantage

Since LED is much more power efficient, there is less loss through heat. In winter, this is a disadvantage since the light unit does not get as hot. If it has been snowing, snow and ice will be harder to melt with LED lighting.

Snowy traffic lights equipped with LED lights. The snow does not melt due to the low power of LED lights

You must then make sure that when you leave with the trailer, the LED light units are cleared of snow.

LED disadvantage 2: flashing LED in some cars

Although the advantages of LED lighting over traditional lighting are obvious and the demand for LED lighting on trailers is growing, its performance is not yet optimal.

The cause is not the LED lighting, but rather the car. Read more about it here...

LED disadvantage 3: higher cost

An LED bulb is generally more expensive to purchase. This pays for itself because you have to replace it less often, read the lifespan is many times greater than a comparable incandescent bulb with the same brightness (lumens)

However, if your trailer's lights are subject to frequent damage, for example, because you have to tip your trailer a lot, LED lights are still a bit more expensive than regular lights today.

In fact, with regular lights you only need to replace the glass or cover, with LED lights it is the entire taillight unit.

It is also important to pay attention to quality when buying LED lights. This is because there is a big difference in quality in the range of LED lights available. Cheap is often expensive here.

That's why we offer Fristom' s quality LED lighting.