Even if your trailer brand Weytens (manufacturer Intertrailer NV) has already started several many years old, it is still not too late to purchase accessories such as haulm nets!

With this trellis as an accessory, you can then easily dispose of prunings or other garden waste to the container park.

This customer just bought a new set of haulm racks for on top of this Weytens platform (bucket-top wheels) trailer that already has a well-rounded career behind it....

Custom haulm rack for Weytens and VDM Trailers

At OTOO trailers we offer special custom haulm racks for this Weytens trailer, this set of haulm nets is tiltable and reinforced. The nets are held and linked together with the turnbuckles mounted on them. The corner posts are detachable.

This type of haulm net is not available as standard from Weytens or VDM Trailers, but it is available from OTOO trailers in Moen.

Chassis Weytens remorque

Since the tube profiles and general dimensions have not changed over the years, you can therefore swap trailer accessories between "old" and "new" Weytens or VDM trailers without any problem.



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