What is a foliage rack?

A haulm rack for a trailer is an attachment that can be mounted on the edges of a trailer to prevent loads from falling out during transport. The rack is usually made of sturdy metal or aluminum and consists of a latticework of rods and bars arranged horizontally and vertically.

The haulm rack or haulm net can be installed in different heights depending on the size of the load to be transported. It can also be equipped with sidewalls to further protect the load.

The foliage rack or lattice rack is usually used to transport loose loads such as branches, leaves, grass, debris or other material that can easily blow away or slide off the trailer while driving. It is a convenient and safe way to transport loads and prevents damage to other vehicles or road users on public roads.

Weytens and VDM

The haulm racks we offer at OTOO trailers are suitable for use on the former Weytens brand trailers (Intertrailer NV) and the current Belgian brand VDM Trailers. These haulm nets also fit most trailers of the Belgian brand Delje.

This grating is available for both single and double axle bucket trailers, as well as flatbed trailers with aluminum sideboards.

The haulm net is custom made for these trailers. These often do not fit other brands of trailers because of the specific dimensions of the box sections and the general dimensions of the trailer body.

Make foliage racks wind and watertight?

With a cover tailored to the mounted foliage racks on your trailer, pruning waste, paper and cardboard and all other disposable materials can be transported dry to their destination.

We custom make these covers for all types and models of trailers, contact us for a quote.

By default, the cover for over the foliage net or trellis is provided with a rear opening.

If an opening at the front of the cover is also chosen, the sides can also be detached, and you can easily load material (such as a pallet, for example) through the side of the trailer with a forklift.