Buy now the unbraked Belgian trailer plateau tipper in single axle version with manual hand pump, suitable for driving license B.

The sizes, weights and prices for this unbraked tipping trailer can be found at the bottom of this page.

Robust quality

  • NEW 2023: Plateau chicken trailer with single axle design
  • NEW 2023: standard with 6 lashing eyes in the floor
  • COC trailer certificate (European certificate of conformity) included.
  • Hydraulic pump, double acting. Includes pump stick.
  • 3-stage lifting cylinder
  • 1 torsion axle with high load capacity 1050 KG
  • Aluminum signs tiltable, removable
  • Includes removable front ladder rack, additional rear ladder rack available as an option
  • Cargo floor Finnish birch smooth concrete plywood 12 mm
  • European lights 13-pin brand Aspöck or equivalent
  • Manufacturer's warranty 2 years through VDM Trailers

Option flat sail

  • Premium German sailcloth brand Mehler of 680g/m²
  • Color of your choice
  • Double reinforced corners
  • There is no drilling: includes rubber bands and S-hooks

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Option haulm rack

  • Custom hot full-bath countersunk grating
  • 1 front rack/panel (removable)
  • 3 separate side panels
    • tiltable
    • quickly hooks into hinges
    • with tension locks
    • with reinforcements
  • 2 separate and removable corner posts

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260 x 150 cm300 x 150 cm
Gross | MTM750 KG750 KG
Net | empty weight(-) KG(-) KG
Tare | max load(-) KG(-) KG
Inner size: length253.5 cm303.5 cm
Inner size: width150.0 cm150.0 cm
Overall length363 cm413 cm
Overall width158 cm158 cm
Overall height168 cm168 cm
Suspension1x Torsion shaft 1050 KG
Wheels13 inches
Rim4x100mm | ET 30
Tires155/80 R13 | 500 KG | KargoMax, KargoTrail
Vehicle categoryO1

Prices platform chicken single axle trailer