The torsion axles are available separately (also for sale to individuals) for all models of Weytens brand trailers (Intertrailer NV) and VDM Trailers.

These torsion axles are available in different sizes depending on the type of trailer (length, width and model).

Currently, there are also 2 versions of the torsion axle for the Weytens and VDM trailers available, namely with pads 6 cm high, or pads 9.5 cm high relative to the box section.

Trailers from Weytens and VDM until year 2020 had pads of 6 cm high for the torsion axle, then the pads were increased to 9.5 cm which ensures that the trailer is better aligned versus the height of the tow bar on modern vehicles. The height of the tow bar was also standardized.