Ideal for going on vacation, weekend fishing, moving small equipment or DJ sets, work equipment storage, service vehicle etc.

A quality luggage trailer is a must if you travel often with a large family, or if your equipment on the move needs to be easily accessible while keeping everything dry. This trailer can be secured against theft of its contents with your own padlocks.

Homologated luggage trailer

The luggage trailer comes with the legally required certificate of conformity, a certified hitch and quality lighting with a 13-pin connector.

Brown and white version

The luggage trailer comes standard with brown concrete plywood sheeting, but can optionally be fitted with white panels.

Easily store large items through the luggage lid

The upper lid can be tilted to load the largest items into the luggage cart. The lid is held up with an additional steel profile that can be stored in the luggage cart in an already provided holder.

If necessary, the luggage lid can also be removed completely, it hooks - like the tailgate - on 3 hinges from which it can be slid off. The lid is closed with 2 tension locks, which can be secured with their own (hanging) lock against theft or opening of the lid.

Easily load or slide long items through the tailgate

Heavy items or luggage can be loaded through the tailgate at the rear of the remork. This rear board can tilt via the provided hinges, and even be taken off to allow full access to the luggage trailer. The tailgate is closed with 2 tension locks, which can be locked with their own (hanging) lock against theft.

Transporting bicycles

On top of the luggage lid, a sturdy construction of steel profiles (20x20mm) is provided. To this you can mount an additional roof box (from your car, for example), a large packed tent, or even possibly bike carriers for even more transport capacity.

Perfect for cars with small trunks and electric vehicles!

Because of its robust execution, but still a low empty weight, this luggage trailer is perfect for those who want to travel with the whole family, but do not have a van or a camionette. With a volume of up to 1400 liters, you can fit everything in here.

Option cover for luggage cart

Is the luggage trailer often left outside when you are not on vacation? Then choose the cover option and protect your luggage trailer from rain, wind, storm and heavy sun.

Technical information luggage trolley

Implementation150 x 100 cm175 x 100 cm200 x 100 cm
Gross | MTM750 KG750 KG750 KG
Net | empty weight- KG- KG196 KG
Tare | max load- KG- KG554 KG
Inner size: length- cm- cm198 cm
Inner size: width96.5 cm
Inner size: height64.5 cm
Outer size bin: length- cm- cm199 cm
Exterior size bin: width- cm- cm- cm
Imperial: length- cm- cm203 cm
Imperial: width104.5 cm
Overall length- cm- cm317 cm
Overall width143 cm
Overall height126 cm
SuspensionTorsion shaft 1050 KG
Wheels2x 13 inches
RimPainted steel rim, pitch 4 x 100mm, ET 30
BandKargoTrail/KargoMax 155/80 R13 load capacity 500 KG

Prices unbraked luggage trailers

Below the prices of the luggage trailer MTM 750KG suitable for driving license B. On the price list you will also find the price for the different versions (length 100, 150 and 200cm) as well as the other available trailer models with us.


Download the manual for the VDM luggage trailer here: VDM Trailers manual