New single axle trailers driving license B (750 KG) with reinforced chassis and torsion axle, now on sale and available directly from stock!

All trailers supplied with mandatory COC certificate and removable front ladder rack.

Always free license plate holder!

Robust quality

  • Including certificate of conformity
  • Torsion axle with a load capacity of up to 1050 KG
  • Fixed concrete plywood boards 40 cm high
  • Includes removable ladder rack in front
  • Cargo floor Finnish birch smooth concrete plywood 12 mm
  • Premium lighting 13-pin brand Aspöck or equivalent
  • Reinforced V drawbar with clutch MTM 750 KG
  • Manufacturer's warranty 2 years

Option flat sail

  • Premium German sailcloth brand Mehler of 680g/m²
  • Color of your choice included
  • Double reinforced corners
  • There is no drilling: includes rubber bands and S-hooks

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Option aluminum side boards

With aluminum sideboards, you won't suffer from aging of the standard concrete plywood sideboards. Aluminum is also more impact and scratch resistant than concrete plywood for the heavier works

Option haulm net

Haulm racks - also called lattice or haulm nets - are ideal for transporting pruning waste or other equipment that is higher than the bucket. The top of haulm nets can be covered with an elastic trailer net.

  • Custom hot full-bath countersunk grating
  • 2 removable side panels (length)
  • 2 removable front and rear panel (width)
    • The front and rear panel slide vertically into the side panels
  • Original accessories

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Option cover for haulm rack

If the trailer is equipped with foliage racks, one can also opt for a complete custom-made canopy, i.e. a cover. Just like a tarpaulin, the load remains protected from rain and wind.

  • Premium German sailcloth brand Mehler of 680g/m²
  • Color of your choice
  • Rear opening included, optional front opening as well
  • Includes mounting hardware and assembly

Option hood

The hood can be easily installed and removed, even when fully assembled and with tarpaulin on. This can be done by 1 person, but is easier with 2 people.

  • Hot full-bath galvanized hood frame
  • 4-5 joists in ceiling
  • Original tarpaulin light gray with elastics
  • Front opening
  • Rear opening

Option support legs

Support legs are important parts of one- and two-axle trailers because they help stabilize the trailer when it is disconnected from the towing vehicle.

When using a support wheel (mounted on the drawbar), the trailer can be placed with the wheels off the ground, and supported at 3 points (support wheel + support leg left + support leg right). This is useful when, for example, the trailer has to remain in the same place on a soft piece of ground for a longer period of time.


ImplementationEA 200 x 130 cmEA 220 x 130 cmEA 258 x 130 cmEA 258 x 150 cm
Gross | MTM750 KG750 KG750 KG750 KG
Net | empty weight160 KG170 KG180 KG200 KG
Tare | max load590 KG580 KG570 KG550 KG
Inner size: length199 cm- cm257 cm257 cm
Inner size: width127 cm127 cm127 cm144 cm
Outer size bin: length203 cm223 cm263 cm263 cm
Exterior size bin: width133 cm133 cm133 cm151 cm
Overall length- cm- cm369 cm369 cm
Overall width173 cm173 cm173 cm193 cm
Overall height130 cm
SuspensionTorsion shaft 1050 KG
Wheels13 inches
RimPainted steel rim
| 4x100mm | offset ET 30
Tires155/80 R13 | 500 KG
| KargoMax/KargoTrail
Vehicle categoryO1

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Download the manual for the VDM single axle trailer here: VDM Trailers manual