Buy now this quality unbraked Belgian trailer type plateau motorcycle trailer / coach trailer suitable for driving license B with a MTM 750 KG.

Trailer sizes, prices and weights are at the bottom of this page.

Equipped with many lashing eyes to easily tie down the motorcycle or carriage (or other equipment) for transport. Equipped with a reinforced suspension type torsion axle with a load capacity of 1050 KG for long life.

VDM Trailers mini transporter single axle size 258 x 150 cm with support wheel Winterhof front and 10 welded tie hooks for attaching engine or carriage during transport

This single axle trailer mini transporter is available in following sizes:

  • 258 x 150 cm
  • 300 x 150 cm

Robust quality

  • Including certificate of conformity
  • Hot hot-dipped galvanized and robot-welded chassis
  • Solid railing 10 cm height
  • Torsion axle with a load capacity of up to 1050 KG
  • 10 sturdy lashing eyes welded directly to chassis for hooking lashing straps on engine or carriage
  • Cargo floor Finnish birch smooth concrete plywood 12 mm
  • Lighting 13-pin brand Aspöck or equivalent
  • Manufacturer's warranty 2 years

Gallery single axle carriage car 258 x 150 cm

Gallery single axle transporter 300 x 150 cm

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Option motor enclosure clamp

The mini-transporter is ideally suited for transporting 1 or 2 motorcycles. The chassis is equipped with up to 10 lashing eyes to secure the motorcycles during transport. The optional loading clamp ensures that the front wheel of the motorcycle is firmly fixed, it clamps the front wheel by its own weight.

Available in the following types of versions:

  • Wheel 15 - 21 inches, width 90-200 mm
  • Wheel 10 - 19 inches, width 90-130 mm
  • Cross motorcycle wheel 18 - 21 inches, width 90-120 mm
  • Scooter wheel 10 - 13 inches, width 80-120 mm

Option ladder rack

  • The ladder rack like on a box truck or platform trailer can also be placed on the VDM mini-transporter
  • Possible front and rear

Option support legs

The motorcycle trailer can be equipped with rear supports so that the trailer does not tip over when you drive a motorcycle or carriage. This option consists of 2 supports that are screwed to the chassis with a clamp.

At the front, a support wheel can be used to support the drawbar.


Implementation258 x 150 cm300 x 150 cm
Gross | MTM750 KG750 KG
Net | empty weight165 KG177 KG
Tare / max. load585 KG573 KG
Inner size: length259.5 cm- cm
Inner size: width144 cm
Overall length369 cm408 cm
Overall width193 cm
Overall height68 cm
Reling10 cm
Tires155/80 R13 | 500 KG | KargoTrail, KargoMax
SuspensionTorsion shaft 1050 KG
Wheels2x wheel 13 inch
Rim4x100mm | ET 30 | Painted steel rim

Prices single axle mini-transporter