The unbraked platform trailer comes standard with 1 ladder rack also called head rack, this is typically mounted on the front of the trailer.

You can also purchase an additional or 2nd ladder rack, it fits the same way into the tube profiles at the rear of the trailer.

What is a ladder rack?

A ladder rack for a trailer is an accessory that is placed on top of the trailer 's cargo box to provide additional storage space for long, thin items such as ladders, pipes or shelves. It is often made of sturdy and durable metal, such as steel or aluminum, and can be attached to the side walls or in the trailer's profiles.

The ladder rack consists of a number of horizontal rods attached parallel to each other and spaced at regular intervals. The rods are placed so that the space between them is large enough to store long, thin items, but small enough to prevent them from falling or sliding between them.

The ladder rack can come in different heights, depending on the height of the trailer body. Some ladder racks are adjustable so that the height can be adjusted according to the size of the load to be carried.

To prevent the load from falling off the ladder rack while moving, the ladder rack can be equipped with attachment points for straps, clamps or other types of fasteners. These ensure that the load remains securely in place while the trailer is in motion.

A ladder rack can be a useful accessory for people who regularly need to transport long and thin items. By using a ladder rack, the cargo space of the trailer can be used more efficiently and the load can be transported safely and easily.