Unbraked Belgian scaffolding trailer single axle MTM 750 KG suitable for driving license B.

Trailer sizes and weights can be found at the bottom of this page.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 258 x 150 cm

Scaffolding trailer MTM 750 KG

Robust quality

  • Including certificate of conformity
  • Torsion axle with a maximum load capacity of 1050 KG
  • Lighting 13-pin brand Aspöck or equivalent
  • Manufacturer's warranty 2 years

Option cover

  • Cover to protect material from rain and wind
  • Available in all shapes, height, width of your choice
  • Color of your choice

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Why choose a scaffolding trailer?

A scaffolding trailer is a special trailer designed to transport scaffolding and scaffolding equipment. It is a convenient solution for construction companies, painters and other professionals who regularly need to erect and dismantle scaffolding on site.

The trailer usually has an open cargo box and is equipped with a frame to which the scaffolding parts and accessories can be attached. This prevents the parts from lying loose in the trailer and getting damaged during transport. The frame is often adjustable to accommodate different types of scaffolding.

Scaffold trailers come in different sizes, depending on the size of the scaffold and the amount of material needed.

Often these trailers are equipped with convenient features, such as built-in steps and a removable drawbar, making them easy to maneuver on the construction site. Scaffold trailers can be towed by a truck, van or passenger car with a hitch, depending on the size of the trailer.


Implementation258 x 150 cm
Gross | MTM750 KG
Net | empty weight- KG
Tare | max load- KG
Inner size: length- cm
Inner size: width- cm
Outer size bin: length- cm
Exterior size bin: width- cm
Overall length- cm
Overall width- cm
Overall height- cm
Suspension1x Torsion shaft 1050 KG
Wheels13 inches
RimSpoke 4x100mm | ET 30 offset | Steel, painted light gray
Tires155/80 R13 | 500 KG | KargoMax, KargoTrail

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