What is a torsion axle for trailers?

A torsion axle is a type of trailer suspension system used to provide the suspension needed to carry the load and reduce the impact of uneven roads. It is an assembly of longitudinal metal beams and axles connected by a torsion bar.

How does a torsion axle work on trailers?

In a torsion axle, the load from the trailer is transferred to the beams via the torsion bar, which is deformed by the load. The beams have a certain torsional stiffness, which determines their resistance to deformation. This torsional stiffness depends on the material the beams are made of, the geometry of the beams and the length of the torsion bar.

When the trailer travels over a bumpy road, the torsion bar is deformed and the beams are rotated, lifting the load and reducing the impact of the bump. Thus, the torsion axle provides a kind of flexibility and absorbency that allows for a smooth ride.

Advantages of a torsion axle on trailers?

A torsion axle has some advantages over other suspension systems. For example, its design is simple and relatively lightweight, which makes it suitable for use in trailers. In addition, it has a long service life and is low maintenance because there are no moving parts that need to be lubricated or replaced.

A torsion axle is available in different sizes and configurations, depending on the requirements of the trailer. For example, torsion axles can be used for single-axle trailers, as well as tandem axles or even triple axles. Various options are also available for the length and thickness of the beams, allowing the rigidity of the axle to be tailored to the load and desired driving characteristics.

All in all, a torsion axle is an effective and reliable trailer suspension that provides a smoother ride and less damage to the load and trailer.

Carrying capacity

The VDM Trailers torsion axle has been calculated and tested for a load capacity of 1050 KG. It was used in the past for Weytens' trailers (manufacturer Intertrailer NV) and is still in use today for VDM's unbraked trailers.