Wheel bolts

The tightening torque of the wheel bolts of the unbraked trailer, usually equipped with 13-inch wheels, can be set to a maximum of 80-90 Nm (for e.g. a wheel bolt M12 x 1.5).

Note that if you need to change the wheel of your trailer on the road due to e.g. breakdown with a flat tire, it is often difficult to loosen the bolts if they are overtightened. This is because with the unbraked trailer, the wheel must be manually held back when loosening the wheel bolts.

Optimal tire pressure

The optimum tire pressure depends on the type of tire and can be obtained from any garage. Do not use any other type of tires than those fitted when you bought your trailer, as the type of tire is mentioned in the COC certificate.

Caution! When changing the type of tire or wheel, the COC certificate must also be adjusted.